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Curious about a website's WordPress theme? Wondering how it was built? Enter the URL, and our WordPress theme detector will reveal the secrets.

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Do you want to know the WordPress theme your competitors are using or do you just want to get your hands on the WordPress theme on your pals/buddy website, then we have got you covered our WordPress Theme Detector, can help you look through your desired website and fetch the theme and the information about the theme they are using.

This can be a great way to get hold of your dream theme or a beautiful theme you wished you had, but due to some restricted protocols, you couldn't get the name of the theme don't worry we got you. First, we have implemented a clean learning experience for our bot that crawls over 10K websites a day keeping the theme pieces of information of the site in custody for people like you to get hold of.

But have it in mind that there is something to look out for when you want to grab a theme name using our service, first, there are some websites that block access to theme information on their sites, they use protection rules to block BOT and human trying to access the header information of their themes.

Also, there are some websites you may find attractive and wish to have such a beautiful theme, but little do you know that it was just a plugin they used to achieve the design you saw. an example is an online food store with a beautiful order page contagious with different food types designed with rich cards and beautiful layouts such type features are performed by plugins except for the fact that you affirm that it is really a theme feature then you are good to go.

So, following the aforementioned statement above the question now is does our WordPress Theme Detector detects plugin theme, well we are sorry but the answer is no we are unable to detect a plugin-generated theme as it is not a theme it is considered a child element of the main theme as per that, our WordPress Theme Detector will still consider it a WordPress theme fetching only the parent theme information.

So with no further ado let's show you some of the reasons why you should consider using our services, and why we pride ourselves as one of the most transparent online web toolkits.

Competitor Analysis

Sometimes we feel that the need for analyzing our competitor's web elements is very important in your business line, especially when your competitor's SEO factors rely on theme speed and overall theme structural design. Then you would want to get such a theme or better still get a copy of such theme, so you can head over to Themeforest or any of your theme seller pages to buy the theme.

Also still about SEO, some good theme comes with a well structural schema markups such as reviews, star rating, and article-rich snippet markup that makes the SEO appearance of the theme more presentable, imagine some star rating on a SERP this will make a user want to click the result. This can be your portion if you wish, by just analyzing the website and purchasing the theme could do you more good.

Compatibility Checks

In rare cases, you may have purchased a theme online whereby you are seeing some required features that you may have found on someone else's sites using the same theme as you, or maybe compatibility of your theme did not match your host and some other spec such as buying a theme you thought was for WordPress but never knew it was a Joomla CMS theme or a BBpress CMS, With the help of our tool you can find out what cms is your analyze theme currently hosted on so you don't buy what you can't use.

Also have this in heart, due to our API partner's limitation on usage you may experience temporal glitches after you have tried to analyze a theme once, the reason is that for a Guest/sign-in member usage, we have limitations to use the tool just 1 times for guest user and 2 times for sign in users, which after you exceed your usage you might begin to encounter error response. This is normal for free plan users while it is not normal for paid users. We please urge you to try and purchase a small plan at least to enjoy the benefits at its fullest glance.

Security Assessment

Our WordPress theme detector allows you to see through the scope of just the theme but it basic security assessment, such as the Vulnerability of attacks and nulled theme. It will be helpful to know the security threat on your theme that might lead to cyber attacks, this will prompt you with immediate action so you don't lose your site in a twinkle of an eye.

Over millions of sites have been hijacked from the internet because of a lack of security monitoring on their site, every webmaster/publisher/blogger out there relies 99% trust of their website security in the hands of their hosting provider never minding if the host also can be vulnerable to cyber attack. Always make sure that you are also securing your own website so you don't stand the chance of losing your website.

Plugin Integration

Just like I have mentioned earlier in this article, our WordPress theme detector can also look through a theme and find the plugins installed on the theme. Like the aforementioned, there is some theme you find attractive, and would think that this was a standard WordPress theme but didn't know that it was just designed using a plugin.

But in this case, it depends on your tech skills, If you are a tech guru or just a simple tech-understanding person you could just look up the plugins used to make the theme download it on your own wordpress go to the site study the design flow and use the same pattern to design yours without stress.

Educational Tool

This tool can also make it possible for you to learn the phases of WordPress themes, plugins, versions, software, and many more, this can also help in your guides like blog posts about WordPress and its themes or case studies about WordPress or any other ways you which to pass knowledge to your student.

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Our tool and its infrastructures are superb why don't you give it a try and see, also don't forget that free plan users have limited usage with this tool it will be more fascinating if you opt for a paid plan to enjoy all the benefits of maximizing our toolsets.