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Want to boost your Google Rankings? Our super-friendly Website SEO Score Checker can Unveil your website SEO Insights and present you with metrics that will help you level up your SEO game and stay ahead of Google faster without having headaches want a free audit use our tool for free today and start improving Organically

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Website SEO score checker is an algorithm used to calculate the search engine efficiency of a webpage, This SEO score will give you insight into how your website is SEO ready to rank on Google or possibly present you with trouble-shooting reports, such as meta tags solution, SEO Issues, your overall speed optimization, Server and security threat, your most common keywords, and most common keywords usage, power-packed with another Score report that will help you troubleshoot and improve your website Overall performance if found.

Taking at least 2-3 times a week to analyze your website performance is crucial for SEO purposes, because Google SERP is a very competitive landscape contained with ranking beasts and SEO wizards who fight their way to get to the first page of Google, if Google finds any error within your page or sites they may likely start de-ranking your site keywords. This might not occur to you at an early stage until you have lost half of your search engine rankings. But if you do an SEO auditing on your page, it will give you further hints ahead to what is to come and what you are to do to prevent the consequences of what lies ahead.

Our website SEO score checker is one tool that is designed to help you get the possible best analytics for your website score, most tools on the internet wouldn't offer this for free they rather put it on a premium package, Well yes we also have a premium package but not withstanding there is no too much different from our free and paid plan, The difference is how many times you can use the tool, The free plan allows you to use our tools to analyze 5 difference URLs why the premium plans give you 10 chances to use the site in a 24hrs interval.

We're expanding the use of big SEO companies Saas, SEOmoz, Semrush, Ubbersuggest, and many others, we use their APIs to collect metrics for your results comparing the results with algorithms and bringing the possible best result to you. There are different factors we look out for when scanning your site but most especially your SEO, SPEED OPTIMIZATIONS, SERVER AND SECURITY, and other Required technologies and we will talk more about them below.


The main reason you are consulting a Website Audit is that you want to know the website SEO score checker for your site and to make that possible we will need to look through your site using our partner's API to fetch the overall SEO performance of your site in real time. The information provided to us will be compared in three undisclosed categories using our AI algorithm learning to see which one works best.

We do not just want to be any website SEO score checker out there that is why we came in with a different approach and a simple interface that is not going to bore your screen with mathematical expressions rather you will be presented with your SEO reports in detailed form. Giving you the insights of what is good on your site and what needs to be fixed.


Because speed is an essential part of website audit we also made it part of our report, our tool also looks through your website to find heavily loaded scripts and images that are causing slow loading of your website or scripts that are making your website not mobile/desktop friendly.

Google says if for a reason a customer leaves your site due to slow loading that same reason will make 10,000 of that type of customer leave, for that reason they make speed optimization a crucial factor when determining a page ranking, so it is important that you understand your website speed, so you don't work in vain.

The most common speed scripts that we have encountered based on our backend reports are Adsense scripts, page sizes, HTTP requests, and images. The best practice remains that you should always minimize the script you use within your web page to avoid slow loading, use lazy loading to serve images to your web visitors, and also use a minimum of 2-3 ad codes on your webpage, don't overload your website with AdSense because you want to earn more think of your visitors and think of Google.


Over 1 million among 100 million websites on the internet get server threat requests daily, that's why unknown hackers have hijacked big names and sites like 360nobs and many others, this pose is a result of server and security audits for their website, our website SEO score checker make sure that we look into details of how your server is doing and the security guiding it. if we find any issues we will quickly report to you so you and your team can quickly resolve them.

So the first thing we check when we visit your site is the SSL that is securing your site, in case you don't know the meaning - SSL stands for secure socket layer, it is a technology that was introduced to help information between website and browser secured using end to end encryption. It means hackers can't see the information your browser requested from your website http.

When there is no SSL certificate, penetrators can create a path hole called enemy bots, that stand between your website and your browser using HTTP injection the injection fetches information from your MSQL provider and sends it back to the penetrators, this information can be used to harm your website until now it is no longer possible due to the help of SSL certificate.

Other things we look at on your site are Mixed content, in a case where we observed that some parts of your site are secured with SSL why some parts are not secured such as images, internal links, and external linking, we will report it immediately so you can take action, such mixed content can make penetrators fetch information of your website request.

Server signature is another crucial step we look into because when a signature is "ON" it becomes a vulnerability for penetrators, they can simply know what software you are using to host your site, the version, and many others, this can cause a stair for an attack so to better be on the safer side we always recommend you turn it off.

In a situation where you have used Unsafe Cross-Origin Links in one way or the other you may not know such as using the target="blank" attribute to link to an external source we check for the rel="no opener" or rel="no-referrer" on those attributes if we don't find it we immediately report to you so you can fix that.

This can cause a malicious attack on your website when the aforementioned type of attribute does not include a rel="no opener" or rel="no-referrer", the other source you are linking to can see the window object for the linking domain which is yours and in other ways may interlink your page to a malicious bot attack, so always check to be safe.

HTTP2 Test is also very important when it comes to transporting information between browsers and preventing it from leaking to third parties if it is not enabled on your server this can cause a glitch for pen testing that might affect your website.

HSTS is another piece of information we look for to help you stay safe you must be using a strict transport protocol to force HTTPS on your webpage so the browser won't load some of your website content on http which is very bad for your website. This can be enabled from your server or contact your web host for them to enable force ssl for you.

Apart from the above mentioned, Our Website SEO score checker uses other advanced technology to analyze your website and fetch information about your website in real-time, such as the social media tags, structural datasets, sitemap availability, social media presence, webpage content lengths, Keywords usages and also long keywords usages.

We gather all this information to enable us to analyze your site and verify the information using our API partners, if after verification we affirm the rules, we will then present them to you on screen. at this time you can see how your site has performed so far and how you can solve the filtered errors, if you have solved the errors you can come back here and analyze your success so far.

In conclusion.

Our Website SEO score checker is a great tool when it comes to web page analysis, we go beyond the normal and present you with clean SEO reports and present to you cleans details of what to you clean details you can use to improve your performance.

You can bookmark us or share your reports with your co-workers, colleagues, or webmasters/friends, this will help us give you a warm hug and embrace you to the family. we are one-of-a-kind