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If are you looking for a free XML Sitemap generator, then look no further. we have created this tool to help you get a better XML site map structure for your website that will be easy for Google bots to understand and rank you accordingly, we also made a crystal clear integration that appends a part to your URL string such as www. or non-www even for any technical glitch found within you URL structures google will still find your URL correctly base on our appends.

What is an XML Sitemap

Extensible Markup Language also known as XML abbreviation is a programmatical order which helps Google find the visibility of a site and its content from a crawler's point of view, Just like HTML sitemap was designed to structure the front end of a website and its content for human visibility Google BOT doesn't see it that way, instead, it sees it in any way the XML presented it. That is why it is very crucial for a website to have an XML sitemap if they want to rank on Google search.

Does having an XML sitemap guarantee my ranking in Google?

Why ranking on Google varies on different factors, Your SEO efforts and the quality of your content play a major role in ranking, and one of those major factors is having an XML sitemap present on your site, even if you write the best content and optimize it the best ways. If a sitemap isn't available on the site to structure it for Google BOT then there is no ranking or probably no crawling for that content.

How can I implement the sitemap on my website?

This is something that requires a tech skill or learning. But you must have administrator rights to the file manager or web panel for your host either way if you are valid to proceed then follow the steps below

1. Head over to your Cpanel from your host
2. Find the File manager
3. On the site make sure that you see the site to which you want to upload the XML
4. Upload the XML file downloaded here
5. Voila, you are good always remember that you need to clear the cache of your website to see effectiveness fast.

6. To access your site map now visit your site and add /sitemap.xml to the end of your site URL

Something to note

This is a static and manual process of installing a site map this type of sitemap is designed to help sites that are php scrips or static website that doesn't have a sitemap, this can be hard for those type of website to rank on Google because of invalid sitemap. Not usually the webmaster's fault but the developer's fault.

So if you run a WordPress site you don't need this, by default WordPress comes with an inbuilt XML generator that is dynamic and keeps updating every time you add new content on your site. But our generator is not in real-time it is static and doesn't update content on your site in real-time, let's say for example you generated an XML sitemap on the 30th of August on our site and you then uploaded it to the root directory of your site.

On the 12th of September you added one or two pieces of content to your site, Kindly note that the new content you updated on your site won't be found on Google except if you added it to your sitemap by manually returning back to our website and regenerating a new XML generator and re-uploading back to your site root directory

It won't work if not done this way. Only dynamic XML generators such as WordPress and /or plugins and other CMS can do real-time updating on XML.

We know this can be very stressful especially when you handle a large content production on a daily basis, to help suppress the stress our teams are currently working on a PHP dynamic value for XML sitemap, that automatically recreates new XML for you whenever you create new content on your site watch out we are on the working space for that.

How do I add this sitemap to Google?

This is way very simple but if you are new to the space it would be hard to determine what to do with XML files, well we understand. Firstly kindly note that XML sitemap is not for Google alone it is for general search engine requirements to enable their crawler to put your content on their search engine results page. Such as Bing, Google, Yandex, and many others. So to get started follow the lead below

So after

1. Visit your Google search console.
2. Find Under indexing > Sitemap
3. Click on the sitemap
4. You will see a "Add a new sitemap" section above there
5. Now put your sitemap URL there ( As explained in How can I implement the sitemap to my website.) above.

Now what happens next

Wait for Google or other search engines to come crawl your site to its database, in less than 3 days the search engine will evaluate your site, content, structures, authority, domain age, spam score and many others then determine how you should start ranking. Don't expect magic, search engines take time to start ranking in some cases it can take effect from the first week - 5 months.

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