MPOWER Scholarship 2023

MPOWER Scholarship program 2023

Are you looking for a scholarship to further your career internationally? Mpower is helping students/individuals finance their education, and helping them achieve a desirable dream through scholarship support.

Mpower is a public benefits corporation that offers different varieties of scholarship opportunities which include,

1. Monthly scholarships
2. MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship
3. Women in STEM Scholarship
4. MPOWER MBA Scholarship
5. MPOWER Refugee Scholarship
6. MPOWER 追梦永不息 Scholarship

Since 2018 the Mpower program has been supporting Immigrant from different countries, and students who need financial loans to further a particular master’s or Ph.D. program, they also offer fully funded scholarships for students who wish to further their education abroad.

The Mpower

the program pays high priorities to grants from students who have enrolled in a full-time degree or accepted into any of the United States or Canadian universities listed here, Set aside that, Mpower also offers loans for a person/student/individual that needs the financial aid to further there master’s program or attain a particular goal academically, they accept the following degree’s

1. Master’s
2. MBA
3. Ph.D.
4. Bachelor’s
5. J.D.
6. LL.M
7. M.D.
8. D.D.S.
9. Select boot camps
10. Diploma and Associates (Canada only)

Kindly note that Mpower uses a proprietary check algorithm to evaluate applicants and their submitted information, so in such case, if your school is not listed in their roll of accepted schools then you should not apply, instead take a deep breath while they are extending their program to bring in more schools, you can only apply elsewhere, see list of there scholarships program you can apply.

Also, know that loan application grants will not be disbursed to you directly, so take that mindset away, just as stated on the Mpower website, loans will be directly wired to your school or transferred to your school board each every way your school wants it.

To apply click this link to choose from a list of scholarships Mpower offers.

Kindly be informed that Scholarship Opportunity will keep checking for any updates regarding these scholarships and if will find any we may update this page for future purposes and to keep our information static.

If you do not know how to apply for a scholarship but would like our team of experts to work with you in the togetherness of conducting a successful application, then use the consultation section on our page to send us a message, but you must apply before sending us a message. Extra fees apply as indicated.


  • Алла , February 24, 2023

    Hello. What about scholarships for students from Ukraine?

  • Саетлана , February 25, 2023

    Good afternoon. Tell me please. Does your scholarship fully cover living in your country? Thank you.

  • Siam Ali , February 25, 2023

    I want to join here

  • Emerson Ekelekam , February 26, 2023

    Mpower scholarship is great, I’ll definitely need to apply for it

  • Saravanan subramanian , February 26, 2023

    Article Helps me to get my Scholarships in Canada Universities for higher Studies. Thanks.

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