Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

Joint Japan-World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

If you live in developing countries like Nigeria and other developing countries, then this scholarship is for you, Japan in partnership with the World Bank has introduced a scholarship program designed for aiding minor developing countries in supporting their academic structure with scholarships.

First and foremost, not all countries are eligible for this scholarship kindly note that countries citizen that qualifies for this scholarship are a citizen from developing countries that is a member of the world bank and is fully functional and adhere to and correlate with all world bank country policies.

The scholarship is fully funded and is accompanied by a monthly stipend, including, transportation fare, health insurance, and a travel allowance, the scholarship will only be granted to students of any of the listed 45 participating programs, — Kindly note that this scholarship is divided into two programs ( Windows ) W1 and W2. and just as stated clearly on the World bank official website if you are not admitted in any other aforementioned listed programs above you will not be granted the scholarship application request.

After attaining success with the scholarship, all scholars who are now degree holder is committed to returning back to their hometown, to contribute, and develop the economical growth of their country’s social and economic development with the new skills they’ve acquired from their master scholarships program with World bank.

Please be sure to understand clearly the information posted on this page before proceeding to the application portal, also be informed that the link to the application will only be communicated to you based on the selection of the scholarship opportunity you seek, if you qualify for the program the JJWBGSP teams will contact you based on the fact that you were shortlisted not because they needed clarification on any information you have submitted. If you don’t get a response from them it simply means you are not shortlisted.

Who is eligible for the JJWBGSP program.?

Eligibility as stated by the JJWBGSP is segmented into different criteria but is not limited to the following listicles.

  1. You must be a citizen of one of the aforementioned world bank member countries above, if you do not live in any of the provided countries then do not bother to apply for the program.
  2. You must not be a dual citizen { You must not be a citizen of different countries, e.g like a person who is a citizen of Tokyo and England by birth or by any means }
  3. You must make sure that your medical health is good, you are not in any way sick or experiencing medical health issues.
  4. You must have a bachelor’s degree for at least 3years
  5. You must have a 3years of experience in development work experience if you need more clarification use Google to understand what development work is like.
  6. You must have worked in a development-related workplace with a full-time paid salary.
    refer to this link to learn more (,in%20Annex%203.)

Also kindly note that all eligibility requirements will not be subdued or bound to change before or after the scholarships it is a mandatory requirement that must be adhered to.

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Selection process.

After the submission of your application, the JJ/WBGSP teams will assign an accessor a person that will go through the application process. The potential success rate of your application will be based on Quality factors of the followings.

  1. Professional Experience.
  2. Professional Recommendation
  3. Commitment to your home country
  4. Education and academic background.

The final results of assertation will be posted to the directing committee, and boards of directors of the world bank for final examination before being granted approval or disapproval, following the final pen down, winners will be called upon to prepare for their newly achieved scholarships.

JJ/WBGSP Scholarships Benefits

If you attain success in this scholarship enrollment program, you will need to congratulate yourself with a good bottle of wine, then take a sit, and see the following benefits that are accompanied with this scholarship.

  1. On your first day at the host university you will be given an economy class air travel ticket, also after the scholarship, you will be given a 2-airway ticket to any country of your choice supported with a 500$ travel allowance per travel ticket.
  2. The JJ/WBGSP will cover your financial aid for your graduation tuition, every basic requirement for you to graduate will be covered by JJ/WBGSP
  3. During your scholarship period, the JJ/WBGSP will cover the majority of your financial expenses on Food, clothes, books, accommodations, and many others, but note in mind that the stipend amount will vary depending on the Country host.
  • JJ/WBGSP Will not cover expenses for the following
  1. Your visa application cost will not be subjected to JJ/WBGSP terms of scholarship
  2. Family members’ visits and stay in the country will be your responsibility, not theirs.
  3. Some extracurricular courses that are not mandatory but enforced by lecturers will not be paid by JJ/WBGSP
  4. In some aspects, language training will not be aided by JJ/WBGSP
  5. Exceptional traveling will be at your own peak and responsibility
  6. Education materials such as computers or other computer gadgets will be your own responsibility
  7. Foremost, the Residential permit fee will not be paid by JJ/WBGSP that is your responsibility

At the point of this scholarship grant, if you have been granted a scholarship from any other university you must state it as documentation JJ/WBGSP, Every other financial aiding may require you to have a side income, once called upon you must adhere to fully understand that the JJ/WBGSP will only supplement on what they have mentioned above.

Application Date:

Window 1: January 16 2023 to February 28, 2023
Follow this link to learn about different windows and req.

Window 2: March 27, 2023, to May 26, 2023
Follow this link to learn about different windows and req.

Kindly be informed that Scholarship Opportunity will keep checking for any updates regarding these scholarships and if will find any we may update this page for future purposes and to keep our information static.

If you do not know how to apply for a scholarship but would like our team of experts to work with you in the togetherness of conducting a successful application, then use the consultation section on our page to send us a message, but you must apply before sending us a message. Extra fees apply as indicated.


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