Image Compressor

Achieve image compression without sacrificing quality. Our SaferInternet Image Compressor's 3D technology targets whitespaces, optimize paths, and improves dimensions, all while preserving image integrity.

Max file size : 1 MB
Upto 100MB Go Pro

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An image compressor is one of the best ways to reduce image bytes, this can be very important when trying to upload a large-size file image to a host but the needed file size is smaller than the actual file size of your image. Our saferinternet image compressor can help you achieve a lot more than just image compressing.

We have made this tool using 3D technology that scans your image and finds whitespaces within your images, also it checks for extra paths in your image, including the wideness and height then finally it checks for dormant effects that add little to no value to your images, Which after it then compress this values into small bytes while retaining your image quality.

1. Whitespace Elimination: Our 3D technology scans your image, identifying and targeting unnecessary whitespaces. By removing these spaces, we trim excess bytes without compromising your image's visual integrity.

2. Path Optimization: We go further by detecting and optimizing extra paths within your image. This meticulous process ensures that your image's structure is streamlined, making it leaner and more efficient.

3. Dimensional Optimization: SaferInternet Image Compressor scrutinizes the dimensions of your image, ensuring that it's perfectly tailored to your needs. Whether it's adjusting width or height, our tool optimizes these aspects while preserving your image's essence.

4. Efficiency Over Excess: We recognize that some image effects may add little to no value. Our tool identifies dormant effects and efficiently compresses them into smaller bytes. This ensures that your images are streamlined for online use without compromising quality.

One thing about our tools i that while our SaferInternet Image Compressor is all about optimization, we are also very committed to preserving image quality. Your visuals remain vibrant, sharp, and true to their essence. We strike the delicate balance between compression and clarity, ensuring that your images shine without excess weight.

Most of the users that have used our tool love the after-value rendered to them and they always come back to use this tool, we do not only rant as others but we understand the underlying colours of image, quality, and content within. 

We understand that all you want is for the image to be reduced in byte and not in quality that is why we look for other factors to make this work above is what we look at when compressing your image so as to retain its qualities.

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Nevertheless, if you do not want to compress your images but just want to resize them then you can use our image resizer tool here to get your image resized for any screen type or for better screen resolution