Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship 2023

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship 2023

Over the years scholarships have been the major sustainability students and individuals use to attain academic success, either through Merit, Excellence, or just Company pushovers, Scholarships are a Good way to complete your dream studies and reach your Academical Goals.

Aga Khan Foundation is raising the flags up as they have opened their room to individuals with Good academical records and individuals that want to achieve a scholarship to complete or enhance their studies.

The Aga Kha Foundation has stated clearly on its official website that the scholarship is designated to student and individuals prior to that, the scholarship is not a fully funded scholarship rather it’s a partly funded scholarship, at this point all student who endeavors to join the scholarships must also be ready to work parttime as to meet up with other expenses and sustainability.

In adherence, what they also consider are strong professional experience persons/students. in all your career you should have excelled in a particular field or skills and have a record for that excellence/achievement, You must have the spirit of togetherness and leadership skills to either fit in other peoples time and space or better still lead them.

Application process.

Aga khan foundation also made it known that their application process will be conducted fully through a screening process that will be processed annually, in accordance with the application process kindly note that applications will be accepted from Originated citizens of the following countries, Kenya, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, France, India, Kenya, Kyrgyz Republic, Madagascar, Mozambique, Pakistan, Portugal, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda, and the USA. [*Note: in Canada, France, Portugal, and the USA, respectively.

Aga khan is a foundation, and their major priority goes to students/individuals in need of financial assistance to sustain their academics or individuals that need scholarship support to complete their academic success, set aside these options for any person who is not fit in this proposed accomplishment can’t and won’t be accepted into the Programme.

Please be informed that this Aga khan foundation scholarship is Preference to individuals under the age of 30 and not above, also, an application submitted by a person/student who has already commenced post-graduate will not be considered neither a person/student that apply for short terms courses will not be granted following also do not apply if you are already enrolled for part-time programs elsewhere.

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Application timeline

Application is already ongoing which started January 2023 and is supposed to end on 17 March 2023, All students who wish to apply for this scholarship program must need to contact the aga khan local office from the aforementioned countries above, Local contacts of these offices can be found below the footer page on the aga khan official website.,tel%3A%20(202)%202932537

Contacting the Aga khan local offices simply means that you have understood clearly the oversight of this process, while contacting them you will be directed to the local office in the aforementioned country above to obtain a fillable form.

Do note that after you fill out the form you will need to return the form to the Aga khan local office where you have obtained the form, While you wait for the response of the Aga khan foundation on positive or negative feedback.

ISP Conditions ( International Scholarship provider )

Just as stated earlier, this grant is not a fully funded scholarship it is a partly funded program which means that 50% of the grant is for a scholarship and 50% is for a loan, so you will be the one to know which one you want or better still take the two, the difference is clear.

As for Ph.D. students, you will only receive scholarships for the first two years and after that, you will be the one to seek funding from other sources, that is why it is mostly recommendable that you start at a very early stage to start seeking other sources of income.

Also, note that the terms and conditions of the scholarship as stated by the ISP. says that see below

  1. You will pay a 5% levy fee every year.
  2. Your international travel expense is on you not on them. ( You are to stay in the country till you finish your education if you wish to travel out of that country may be for vacation or leisure that is your responsibility not there’s)
  3. Family visits and accommodation is on you not on them. ( If your family comes to visit you, what they will eat and where they will stay is either your responsibility or there’s Aga khan has no business with your family visits )
  4. You are to pay back all the money they loaned you through scholarships after 5 years ( That is after you have graduated and started working ).
  5. You have a grace period of 2 years if you find work late. ( If possible after graduation you delayed getting a job, you will be given extra 2 years to an attainable moratorium )

If you think that the condition meets easily on you and you are available in any of the countries mentioned above then you can apply. But before you apply please kindly visit the website to read more information we didn’t disclose here.

The text and context of this article go in line with our Disclaimer notice, It is your right to understand the sole purpose of this scholarship and every scholarship that seems outdated from the International Scholarship provider will be removed from our website, if any update comes onboard, this page will be updated.

Turn on your notification bell to stay updated. If you need our consultancy to help you apply for this scholarship visit our Consultancy page and fill out a request form copy this article link for reference purposes so our experts can understand the purpose of your message and its referral if we grant your request our experts will contact you to further more your request.


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